Lucky Gemstones To Wear On The Basis Of Moon Sign With Benefits

By | December 22, 2017
Lucky gemstones

Lucky gemstones

General Introduction to Lucky Gemstones:

Lucky Gemstones are referred to as birthstones or astrological stones that can be used as an astrological remedy for the various doshas in one’s horoscope.

Wearing gemstones are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s life. People have been using gemstones either to cure any disease or most commonly to change and improve their living conditions.

Each gemstone is believed to bear a correspondence to a planet and thus can be used to treat the ill effects of a malefic planet and can be used to energize the good effects of the best planets in one’s horoscope.

Introduction to Moon sign:

Generally, as per Sun sign, it is very easy to know the lucky gemstone of a person. Moon sign is different from your Sun sign. Moon sign is determined by the zodiac sign in which the Moon was positioned at the time of your birth. The sign in which the moon is located is known as the birth sign.

Wearing the gemstone of the lord of the birth sign gives similar results as wearing the gemstone of the Ascendant lord.

We have generally seen in many cases, a person knows its date of birth but does not know their time of birth. Then the person has only one alternative in such a situation, i.e. to Lucky Gemstones To Wear On The Basis Of Moon Sign With Benefits.

Understanding your Lucky Gemstones

Very important and the first step is to understand your lucky gemstone. It is highly recommended that one should take the guidance from an expert astrologer who will evaluate their horoscope comprehensively and suggest an ideal gemstone accordingly.

Have a look at the lucky gemstone to be worn according to the moon sign:

Lucky Gemstone for Aries (March 21 – April 19)

red coral for aries

red coral for aries

The ruling planet of this sign is Mars. The people born in Aries should wear Red Coral which is the gemstone of Mars, the lord of Aries sign. It is auspicious to wear Coral in a triangle shape.

Those who born in the month of January can also wear this gemstone. The gemstone is worn according to the birth month when the person does not know his date of birth and time.

Benefits-: The Moon in Aries gives you the energy to accomplish many things.

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

diamond for taurus

diamond for taurus

The ruling planet of this sign is Venus. People who born under this sign should wear a Diamond which is the gemstone of Venus, the ruling lord of the Taurus sign. Only a Diamond can match the beauty of Venus. When worn under expert guidance and after doing a proper analysis.

Benefits: If the person wears the gemstone of the lord of the birth sign, he bless with good health. Yoga is formed in the birth chart, which may affect the longevity of the person and the gemstone of the lord of the birth sign can reduce its malefic effects.

Lucky Gemstone for Gemini(May 21 – June 21):

emerald stone for gemini

emerald stone for gemini

Mercury is the most influential planet for an ascendant of the zodiac sign Gemini. The Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury. So, People who born under this sign should wear emerald gemstone. Prefer to wear the emerald gemstone in a pentagon shape to get favorable results.

Benefits: Mercury signifies intelligence, love, intellect, studies, and business. So, wearing an emerald gemstone gives the intelligence and helps to heal the heart problems.

Emerald is a stone of great harmony, wisdom, and love. Wearing Emerald stone will bring more love to your loved ones.

Lucky Gemstone for Cancer (June 22 – July 22):

pearl gemstone for cancer

pearl gemstone for cancer

The ruling planet of the Cancer sign is the Moon. Those people who born under this sign should wear a whole Pearl.
The whole pearl is the pearl that should not have any holes.

Under the auspicious influence of this gemstone, the person can acquire the ability to control their emotions.

Benefits: Pearl gemstone helps in improving general health problems. Wearing this precious gemstone curbs the anxiety and anger and aid in curing severe diseases related specifically to kidney and stomach.

Lucky Gemstones for Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

ruby stone for Leo

ruby stone for Leo

If Leo is your Moon sign, then Sun is your ruling Lord. Such natives should wear the Red Ruby gemstone.

Those who are born in this sign should wear a Ruby of the round shape. The person gets auspicious results from the Ascendant lord of his birth chart.

Benefits: Ruby gemstone helps to get relief from mental and physical disorders. Those who are suffering from mental diseases should wear this stone.

Ruby denotes courage, passion, physical strength, spirituality, self-esteem, prosperity, wealth, fortune and health to its wearer.

Lucky Gemstone for Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

emerald stonr for virgo

emerald stonr for virgo

Mercury is the most planets for an ascendant of zodiac sign Virgo. People with this Moon sign should wear the Emerald gemstone. This stone yields the auspicious results of Mercury.

Benefits: Emerald gemstone helps to increase the mental capabilities of the wearer. It also gives the good professional life.

It helps in improving eyesight and people suffering from instability and depression can greatly benefit from this stone.

Lucky Gemstone for Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

diamond for libra

diamond for libra

The beautiful Venus rules the Moon sign Libra. So the gemstone representing this sign should also be very beautiful i.e. the Diamond. Those born in Libra sign should wear Diamond to get favorable results from Venus, the lord of Libra sign.

Strengthening Venus will almost always promote health, vitality, happiness, and good relationships.

Benefits: Diamond brings positivity, glamour, wealth, comfort, grandeur and richness in the wearer’s life. Diamonds are a proven gemstone for strengthening marital bonds.

Lucky Gemstones for Scorpio (Oct23 – Nov21)

red coral for scorpio

red coral for scorpio

Mars is the ruling planet of the Scorpio. Those born in Scorpio sign should wear Red Coral, the gemstone of Mars. This lucky stone has a positive effect on health.

Benefits: Coral increases the physical strength of the person. It enhances the confidence, passion, wealth, luck, prosperity and health to its wearer.

Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius (Nov22– Dec21)

yellow sapphire for sagittarius

yellow sapphire for sagittarius

Known to improve health and the economic condition, Yellow Sapphire is an ideal stone for Sagittarius. When a person born in Sagittarius does not get the support of its lord, he should wear Yellow sapphire. It will bless the person with good health and will improve his economic conditions.

Benefits: Yellow Sapphire would bestow success, good health, financial stability, peace of mind and prosperity to the wearer.

Jupiter ensures fortune, therefore, wearing yellow sapphire will enforce the luck or a person. Wearing yellow sapphire stone, the wearer will get rid-off from their serious health diseases.

Lucky Gemstones for Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

blue sapphire for capricorn

blue sapphire for capricorn

Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn sign. Blue Sapphire is the recommended stone for Capricorn. Those born in

Capricorn should wear Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Benefits: Blue sapphire gives good health, prosperity, enormous wealth, money instantly to its wearer. Blue sapphire brings fortune or luck in its wearer life.

Lucky Gemstones for Aquarius (Jan20 – Feb 18)

blue sapphire for aquarius

blue sapphire for aquarius

For the Aquarius Ascendants, Saturn is the lord of the Ascendant. Thus, blue sapphire is the recommended stone for this sign too.

If Moon is located in Aquarius sign then the birth sign of the person is Aquarius. Those born in this sign should wear the blue sapphire to get favorable results.

Benefits: Wearing blue sapphire would bring them most of the pleasing impacts along with good affluence & prosperity, happiness and true growth of the person.

It will bestow good health, long life, prosperity, wealth, happiness and success in their ventures.

Lucky Gemstone for Pisces (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

yellow sapphire for pisces

yellow sapphire for pisces

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and the Yellow Sapphire is the stone for people of this Moon sign. People born in Pisces should wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Benefits: The yellow sapphire makes the wearer more healthy and strong. The wearer can develop a spiritual trend and will have a positive attitude.

It blesses the wearer with career achievement and a better professional life.

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