Wearing Methods Of Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone

By | September 2, 2017


Yellow sapphire Gemstone consists of Corundum and having some traces of iron the metal which leads to the beautiful yellow color. The hardness of Yellow sapphire gemstones is 9.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

It is also known as “Push Raja” in Sanskrit and “Pukhraj” in Hindi. Yellow sapphire acts as one of the safest gemstones.

In astrology, the gemstones are recommended on the basis of planets sitting in our horoscope. The yellow sapphire gemstones relate to the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system associated with the virtues of luck and prosperity. Powerful Jupiter blesses the person with success in every field of life.

Yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone can be worn for improving financial status. Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of knowledge, auspicious wealth and loving relationships, providing spiritual knowledge to the wearer. It produces the self-confidence and understanding, skills of the wearer. Wearing yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstone bless everyone with fame and a wealthy life.

When Yellow Sapphire is worn in the form of a ring or pendant, the vibrating powers of Jupiter are absorbed in the aura of the wearer. Thus, the Aura becomes more powerful to protect the wearer from external negative energy. Lets us discuss the Wearing Methods Of Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone.



How To Wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone?

  • Check from a competent astrologer whether the  Yellow Sapphire suits you or not.
  • Wear yellow Sapphire when the Nakshatra (constellation) is pushy, Punarvasu, Vishakha or Purva Bhadrapad.
  • Buy a Yellow Sapphire on a Thursday during the Shukla Paksha.
  • The Pukhraj stone should be worn on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha so that the wearer gets the number of benefits that are offered by the governing planet of this gemstone.
  • The stone should be placed in the bowl containing raw milk or The Gangajal to remove all the negativity from the stone.
  • The ring should embed in silver,  diamond or gold metal.
  • The weight of the stone should be ideal and preferably have the weight of two carats or more. The more the weight of the stone, the more is the power of the stone and wearer gets more effects of Pukhraj stone.
  • Burn the incense sticks before wearing it, pray for your wellness and recite the mantra and then wear it.

Day To Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone:

The best day for wearing yellow sapphire stone is “Thursday”. Thursday is the day for the planet Jupiter. The ring should wear in the early morning.

Finger, in which yellow sapphire stone should be worn.

Wear the ring on the Index/First finger of your Right hand. Set the ring up in such a way so that the stone mount on an open back, ensuring that the ring touches the finger properly helping the positive energy to channelize to the wearer.

Care for your yellow sapphire ring:

The yellow sapphire stone is hard stone and it should clean softly with the warm water having detergent with a soft brush.  After cleaning it wash off.

Mantra for yellow sapphire stone

“Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum” Or “Sri Dakshinamoorthy Stotram” Or “Om Namah Shivaaya”

Recite this Mantra 108 times.

The Pukhraj ring gives benefits to its wearer for 3 to 4 years. After it, it becomes inactive and has to buy a new one. It is important to clean the yellow sapphire regularly with a soft brush. Dust stay below the ring can reduce the effect of the stone for the wearer.

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