Wearing Methods Of Ruby Gemstone (Manik Stone)

By | January 11, 2018


Ruby being the precious stone is the most desirable gemstone due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Ruby is the red variety of mineral Corundum.

It know as Madikya or padmaraaga in Sanskrit and Madak or Manik in Hindi. As it is the gemstone of the sun so its chief is lord sun.

Ruby Stone must be natural because synthetic gemstone gives you bad results instead of the best result so, always buy high-quality gemstone for astrology purposes from a reputed gem dealer.

By wearing an original ruby orderly, the native gets the royal prestige, the rise in luck, and the ruby stone controls the diseases of the heart, eyes, and blood of the person. To earn all these benefits, it suggests by the astrologers that ruby stone should wear after following all the rules and rituals.

Wearing Methods Of Ruby Gemstone (Manik Stone) are given below.



Wear Ruby Gemstone by following the step by step procedure:

1. Consult your Astrologer first, whether it is suitable to wear a ruby stone or not. There should be a detailed analysis in regard to your birth chart before wearing a ruby gemstone.
2. Once an astrological consultation is complete, purchase a high-quality ruby stone from a certified and reputed gemstone dealer.
3. Ruby gemstone should wear on Sunday Morning between 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. to experience the best and positive results. Sunday is acknowledged to be a perfect day for wearing the ruby stone.
4. Wearing the stone during Shukla Paksha can prove immensely benevolent.
5. The weight of the ruby stone should be in between 3 carats to 6 carats. Thus, always wear a ruby ring having weight more than 3 carats.
6. Ruby stone should ideally be embedded either in Gold or Silver to experience the best results.
7. Before wearing a ruby gemstone, the stone should dip into Gangajal or in milk in order to exculpate all the nativities from the stone.
8. While wearing ruby stone burn 5 sticks of incense around the ring and pray to the god Sun to keep the positive perspectives towards you.
9. Wear the ruby ring on the ring finger of your right hand.
10. To please Sun, one should recite the following Mantra for 108 times
“Om Suryaya Namaha”

While reciting this Mantra the ring should be worn side by side.

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