Variety of Sapphires Stones

By | April 11, 2019
Variety of sapphires Stones

Variety of Blue Sapphires

Sapphire gemstones are believed to be one of the most fast-acting gemstones that bring great benefits to the wearer. It comprises of corrective forces and capabilities that help one in fighting illness and oversees the well-being of the person who wears it.

It is a mineral variety of corundum, an oxide of aluminum. The color of sapphire varies from blue, yellow, green, purple or orange, depending on the trace impurities that are found in the sapphire stone.
The gemstone is remarkably hard and weighs 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are basically ornamental gemstone that is available in different varieties. Some of the incredible varieties of sapphire gemstones are:

Blue Sapphires gemstone

Incidentally, royal blue sapphires are not the benchmark for pricing. In fact, there is no worldwide standard for assessing gemstones. Each Sapphire has its own pricing index. Just like diamonds, Sapphires are judged by their clarity first. They are also evaluated by their intensity and uniformity of color. Lack of mark, cloudiness or blemishes could be some of the other benchmarks that could determine the price of Sapphires.

Gemologists, however, tend to value intense hues. But, the color is an individual choice. Some people prefer a light pastel color as compared to the bright ones. Still, the most popular continues to be the best royal blue Sapphire, which owes its color to the presence of titanium and iron.

Some of the other variations of blue or light blue and black blue. There are certain varieties of Sapphire that are very light in color or have a gray tone to them. These are inexpensive too. It is quite interesting that best blue sapphires are found in their primary shades of hue, but they can exhibit secondary hues too, like purple, violet, and green.

Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone

It has a pinkish-orangish scintillating color, giving it a unique alluring look. They are comes naturally and do not need any treatment. It must also be mentioned that it is hardly known to the common man, but is well-known among gemstone collectors and jewelers.

Pink Sapphire

The color of the  Sapphires is assessed according to their ‘hue’, ‘saturation’, and ‘tone’. ‘Hue is the main color of the Sapphire. ‘Saturation’ is the vividness and ‘tone’ refers to the lightness or the darkness.

Pink Sapphires can range from baby pink to dark fuchsia. Sometimes, the pink Sapphire crosses over to red, turning it into a Ruby. It might also a hue purple, turning it into a purple sapphire. Incidentally, purple sapphires are similar in color with pink sapphires, the only difference being they have vanadium.

Yellow Sapphires Stones

Yellow Sapphire color can range from pale lemon yellow to intense tangerine. Although lighter yellow is what jewelers look forward to., some geologists say that the best yellow sapphires have a vivid golden-orange tone.

Green  Sapphire

Green Sapphires are the result of iron, copper and some Titanium. They can range from pale olive to dark bottle-green. In fact, all shades are acceptable so long there are no flaws in the stone. Most people who buy green Sapphire prefer Emeralds. However, green sapphires are actually better suited to jewelry which is used daily. It is more durable than Emerald.

Star Sapphires Stones

They can be of different color-blue, pink, black, gray, white, purple or yellow. They can be of any color, except red, which would then be a star ruby. The star-like reflection is because of an outcome called asterism. Pink and Blue star sapphires are the best and the gray are the worst.
Sapphire colors also come in neutral tones. The gem industry refers to pure corundum as ‘colorless sapphire’ or ‘white sapphire’.


Color-changing sapphires stones

One of the rarest varieties of sapphire stone, it displays different color under different light sources. This is because the gemstone absorbs different wavelengths of light due to the trace impurities like the Vanadium and Chromium found in the gemstone. Some of the other varieties of sapphire that include the white or the colorless sapphire.

Buying wholesale gemstones could be one of the options. However, be aware of fake gemstones that can sometimes be included in the lot. Ensure that you get the best products from retailers and gemologists.

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