Trends Of Blue Sapphire Jewelry For 2018

By | January 24, 2018

Trends of Blue sapphire jewelry for 2018

Blue Sapphire owns a privileged place amongst natural gemstones, thanks to its alluring color and benefits. It is believed to be one of the fastest acting gemstones and also one of the most powerful gemstones. When people wear this beautiful stone as per their horoscope’s requirements, they are blessed with wealth, good luck and a smooth and easy life.

Being ruled by the planet Saturn, Neelam stone provides the benefits of this planet to the wearer. This gemstone’s amazing blue color gives it a distinctive look, and the onlooker can instantly recognize this stone from the different varieties of sapphires.

Over the past few years, the blue sapphire gemstone has taken a special place in the world of jewelry. For all those jewelry lovers, the gemstone brings some exclusive trends that are hard to beat by other natural stones.

The designs of rings and pendants have become as diverse as the women who wear them. This wonderful gem has become one of the trusted choices of women around the world when it comes to adorning jewel pieces like rings, pendants, bracelets, and the rest. These jewelry trends take your style from basic to brilliant.

A symbol of royalty and elitism, wearing Blue Sapphire is believed to increase trust, loyalty, and protection from negativity.

It also brings optimism and makes the wearer intelligent and modest. If you are planning to buy some exquisite Blue Sapphire jewelry this year, then take a look at some hottest Trends Of Blue Sapphire Jewelry For 2018.

Blue Sapphire Oval Ring:

blue sapphire oval rings

A Blue Sapphire ring in the oval cut is a sure shot winner amongst the race of trendy jewelry. This has become one of the highly demanded ring types for engagement and wedding jewelry. From oval rings made in gold to silver and even platinum, the options are many and so are the different designs.

Team the stunning blue sapphire stone with diamonds and gold, and you will get a scintillating ring that has an everlasting gleam and amazingness to be cherish forever.

Sapphire Stud Earrings:

sapphire stud earrings


A classic gift that’s simple and exudes class and elegance. These authentic blue sapphire stud earrings perfect for any special occasion and as a surprise gift for your dear ones for this New Year.

Heart Shape Sapphire Pendant:

heart shape blue sapphire pendant


Another trend that is topping the charts of jewelry must-haves for 2018 is a heart-shaped sapphire pendant. When a woman wears a genuine sparkling piece of sapphire, it adorns not only her neck but also provides excellent benefits to her in a remarkable manner – giving her an aura and a positive demeanor that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Blue Sapphire Split Shank Ring:

blue sapphire split shank ring


Featuring a gap between the bands, these rings are truly mesmerizing. It have made one of the most popular trends for 2018 engagement rings. Depicting the closeness of two lives together, this ring style can be enhanced with a blue sapphire gemstone. With a vintage feel that looks equally trendy and chic, this ring is a must-have for every sapphire lover.

Rose Gold Sapphire Ring:

rose gold blue sapphire ring


The combination of sapphire and rose gold has been one of the trendiest combos of all time.

Rose gold has been a clear choice of many jewelry fanatics in the past few years. When this metal combines with sapphire, it becomes a romantic combination. It exudes eternal love and immaculate versatility than any other metal could ever offer.

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