Suffering From Shani Sade Sati? Remedies To Nullify Its Effects

By | March 14, 2018


Introduction to Sade Sati:

Astrology has a deep impact on our lives. One of the common terms in astrology is “Sade Sati” where “Sade” means “half” and “Sati” means “seven”. Thus, Sade Sati means seven and a half. This phase defines the transit of Saturn in the moon-chart of a person.

This period begins when the planet Saturn enters the twelfth house of a moon-chart, and it continues till the time Saturn remains in the second house. So, at the time when this planet leaves the second house from the moon, the phase of Sade Sati ends. Suffering From Shani Sade Sati? Following are Remedies To Nullify Its Effects

Saturn Sade Sati Effects:

While a majority of people get scared or worried knowing that the Shani Sati period has begun in their lives, the Saturn Sade Sati effects are different for each individual. More often than not, it is believed that Sade Sati brings with it tough times, bad news, depression, and losses.

However, the effect that this phase has on different zodiac signs makes the phase easy or difficult for the native. Let’s study the effect of Sade Sati on different zodiacs.

• For those who have Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius as their zodiac signs, the Sade Sati period does not result in absolutely bad results. These natives may enjoy a positive and prosperous time during this phase.

• For those who have the zodiac Aries and Cancer, this phase can bring in bad effects as these zodiacs are the universal enemies of Saturn.

• For the Cancer zodiac sign, the first phase would not be entirely negative. The second phase will be adverse, and the last phase will be the most detrimental of them all.

• For the Leo natives, the first phase of Shani Sati will be negative. The second phase will be highly harmful, and the last phase will be normal.

Remedies for Saturn Sade Sati:

One can try some simple and effective remedies to reduce the effects of Shani Sati in their lives. Here are some of these remedies:

Worship Lord Shani:

Saturday is believed to be the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shani. If you want to impress Shani Dev, then recite Shani Chalisa with absolute belief and devoutness. Also, visit a Shani Temple every Saturday and donate oil or pour it on Shani dev’s idol. Doing so can help you achieve success, bliss and Shani Dev’s blessings.


Wear Remedial Gemstone For Sade Sati:

Consult an astrologer and know if you can wear a Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone) or a Black Zircon to reduce the effects of Sade Sati.

Wearing Blue sapphire acts as a powerful remedy if a person suffers from a malefic effect of Shani or Saturn.


Donate urad dal, leather footwear, black clothes, and blankets to the poor on Saturdays.

Wear an Iron Ring:

One of the most common remedies is to wear an iron ring on the Saturn finger. But perform this remedy only after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Wear black:

Try to wear Black clothes on Saturdays. But, avoid buying black clothes, broomsticks, and leather items on Saturdays.

Serve the old and needy:

Do selfless service and look after the old and needy without any expectations in return.

Refrain from drinking alcohol:

If you wish to reduce the adverse effects of Saturn Sade Sati, then it is important to abstain from drinking alcohol or indulging in any other bad habit as it may infuriate Shani Dev.

Worship Lord Hanuman:

You can also worship Lord Hanuman and read Hanuman Chalisa to please Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is said to be the protector against Shani Dev. So, you can seek his blessings to reduce the effects of Shani Sati.

Use horseshoe:

A useful and easy remedy to cure the bad effects of Sade Sati is to fix a black horseshoe at the main entrance of your home.

Eat Urad Dal:

Another absolutely easy remedy is to consume Urad dal on Saturdays and to keep a fast for half a day.

Donate Curd Rice:

Make Curd Rice at home and donate them to the poor as well as to the devotees in a Shani temple. Do this on Saturdays to reap the benefits.

Feed Crows:

As crow is the vehicle of Lord Shani, you must feed crows with cooked rice every day as a powerful remedy against the harmful effects of Shani Sati.

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  2. GS Rao

    I was born with Satabisha Nakshatra, Kumba Rasi and Kumba lagna on Nov 19 1939 around 1:20 pm in Madurai, Tamilnadu. I am having the 3rd phase of Sade sathi currently. How is this going to change my life? What gem stone should I wear. Currently I am wearing ” a ruby red stone” for many years. How will be my health and expect weddings of my daughter and son soon. General financial and married life?


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