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By | July 12, 2021

Color Therapy of Gemstones

Color therapy by using gemstones can give excellent results provided the gemstones are natural, unheated and untreated. Different colors can affect us physically and emotionally such as affect our health, moods, moves, comforts and play a important role in various other area of human activity help to create positive emotional states in the mind of wearer.

As you already know the healing properties of your favorite gemstone, but do you know the importance of color in a stone? Here you will find a brief description of what each color represents and associated gemstones. You can use these basic principles to achieve balance, stillness, peace and harmony.

white color gemstones

White color is a combination of all the colors in the spectrum. Thus, rays of sunlight passing through cut diamonds cause a brilliant rainbow effect. Colorless gemstones represent unity and perfection. It is a color represent purity, peace, humility, purity, and innocence.

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Gems favouring White color are: White Sapphire, Diamond and Zircon.

Violet Color Gemstones

Violet is cold a symbol of spirituality, magic and creativity. Purple and violet shades are beneficially energize to the brain- as a mixture of energizing red and cooling blue, they bring wisdom into action.

Gemstones favoring Violet color are: Amethyst and Iolite.

Blue Color Gemstones

Blue is cold and it represents the planet of Saturn symbol of love and affection and good for financial investments and financial institutions use blue color on outer. If someone is facing difficulty in life, blue gemstones are said to bring peace and increase trust and often associated with loyalty and high ideals.

Gemstones favouring Blue color are: Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli.

Green Color Gemstones

Green is refreshing and cool and said to be the color of growth, prosperity, progress, movement, variety and approve nature.

Gemstones flavoring Deep Green are: Emerald and Onyx.

Light green is a gentle shade like new golden-green leaves in spring time youthful energy, fresh and subtle.

Gemstones favouring Light Green are: Peridot and Jade.

Yellow Color Gemstones

Yellow is hot bright color that is refreshing to the mind, a positive radiance full of energy and sparkle against the skin like sunlight. The use of this color in the case of females has often prevented misunderstanding and problems in marital life.

Gemstones favouring Yellow color are: Yellow Sapphire, Citrine and Topaz.

Orange color Gemstones

Orange is warm and symbolizes cheer, excitement, celebration and family. Warm sunny shades of orange are very positive colors, it removes fear and replaces it with optimism, improving your relationships with others.

Gemstones favouring Orange color are: Amber and Carnelien.

Red Color Gemstones

Red is hot and bright. It is a good color for youngsters and particularly newly married ladies. Wearing red is very energizing and red gemstones help you feel dynamic and confident. Absence of red color in human bodies may cause diseases like anemia , problems of vision, general weakness, digestive illness. Red color gives energy for extra curricular activities.

Gesmtones favouring Red color  are: Red Coral, Ruby and Garnet.


This shade is a fusion of green and blue, a cool and soothing balm to the heart and the emotions. Turquoise stones show up particularly well against darker skins.

Gemstones favouring Turquoise color are: Turquoise and Aquamarine.

Pink Color

Shades of pink are linked to delicate gentle feelings of unconditional love, refreshing to the eye and nourishing to the spirit. Pink stones are attractive against all skin types.

Gemstones favoring Pink color are: Pink Sapphire, Pink Ruby, Rose Quartz

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