How To Make Your Jupiter Strong

By | February 1, 2018


When it comes to making your Jupiter strong, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone plays a very important role. The gemstone associated with the largest planet Jupiter even makes it one of the most auspicious gemstones that are available today.

When the benevolent planet Jupiter emits a beam of light, the Pukhraj stone captures a major portion of that beam and provides the benefits of the Jupiter to the wearer.

It is believed that Jupiter has the status of a Guru or a Teacher among all the nine planets that are there. Apart from that, the strong influential forces of the planet bring positivity and affluence in several people’s lives.

This is the reason why the Jupiter Planet is also said to represent good luck, wealth, fortune, marital bliss, and prosperity.

Now, if we talk about making a person’s Jupiter strong, this is done because of various reasons. It is believed that the better one’s Jupiter, the more wisdom, knowledge, and honesty they have.

However, if the planet is not strong in a person’s birth chart, then falling from a high position becomes an unwanted reality for that person.



How to read palm to understand about planets position?

In order to check the Jupiter’s position in one’s palm, look at the index finger and the mount under it. This region represents Jupiter on the palm.

  • A way to detect a weak Jupiter is to check the flatness of the mount. If it is somewhat flat or if the index finger is tilting way too much towards the middle finger, then the person is said to have a weak Jupiter.
  • If many lines are crisscrossing each other in this area, then the person has a negative Jupiter.
  • The index finger tilts outwards, then it is that the person is capable of bringing a new change in the world.
  • A person who has a straight index finger is have a positive Jupiter, which makes them knowledgeable and honest.

Symptoms of a Weak Guru Grah:

  • Poor knowledge
  • Liver and/or stomach related problems
  • experience delay in marriage
  • Dry skin
  • Ill-shaped body
  • A person with weak Guru grah will face familial disputes & problems in married life
  • Egoism and anger
  • experience instability in life
  • Marital problems
  • not able to take care of self-family
  • Hindrance while starting some new work
  • Dual personality, pretending to be someone you are not

Symptoms of a Positive Guru Grah:

  • Preference towards fried or roasted foods, which may make the person ill, but the stomach and liver still stays in good condition
  • Positive vibrations
  • Good relationships with influential people
  • A well-shaped body with an attractive personality

Remedies for a Weak Jupiter:

How to make Jupiter Strong?  With a strong Guru in the horoscope, it blesses wealth and wisdom. It gives higher knowledge, education, intellect, and luck quotient to the person. Jupiter causes an expansion in areas of life that the house where it is represents.. It is the binding factor too.

Have a look at some remedies for Jupiter to make it strong

  • Observing fast on Thursday strengthens your Jupiter
  • Drink sugarcane juice to improve the liver and the digestive system
  • Wearing Yellow Sapphire will help in reducing the effect of malefic Jupiter
  • Donating turmeric to a religious place for eight days continuously also helps in this regard.
  • Help blind or disabled people
  • Applying butter oil on Shivlinga is also a powerful remedy to overcome the malefic Jupiter
  • Wearing yellow color in your day-to-day life also helps
  • Indulge in selfless service towards others and the society
  • Make donations to young girls, father’s sister, paternal or maternal grandmother
  • Show good care towards cows, guru, and religious places
  • Feed jaggery and gram pulse to a cow on Thursdays.
  • Feeding jaggery to cows on Thursdays may helps for marriage of a girl.
  • Eat jaggery after food to prevent hyperacidity
  • Donate fruits or vegetables that grow underground
  • Eat sugarcane, jaggery, and bananas
  • Apply Kesar tilak
  • Taking care of a cow also improved one’s Guru Grah.
  • Donate sweets or bananas to orphans and aged people.


Yellow sapphire the stone for Jupiter:

The gemstone representing the positive powers of Guru Grah in Vedic Astrology/ Indian Astrology and Vedic Gemology is the Yellow Sapphire also known widely as Pushparagam and Pukhraj.

If you are looking to buy a powerful Jupiter gemstone, you can buy natural yellow sapphire gemstone online.

But it is very important to note that one should not wear Yellow Sapphire without consulting with a renowned and experienced astrologer.

Failure to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire gemstone to make the Guru Grah strong may cause several hindrances and may lead to severe negative effects in one’s life.

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    My DOB-27th June 1966 TOB-13:43 Hrs Place of Birth bangalore Karnataka India
    I am Jobless since December 2018. When will i get a stable & good job.
    I was a civil engineer in a private company. i am worried


    My birth 15-06-1974
    8.20 am.palanpur gujarat
    My financial position is down
    My guru is weak position.
    Pls see that in kundali
    Can guru position become
    More strong than expected.
    I can’t wear any gems
    Because of financialproblems

  3. Elina

    Will yellow sapphire bring luck in my marriage
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    When will I get marry and job too.. if so when
    Will I get good partner and children
    We r searching many matches but will not match
    We r suffering a lot .

  5. Ketan modani

    If guru n rahibis in 4 house. Of lagna kundali then what are the effect od pukraj what to do for that? What are the effects of thia grah on human life will u plz reply me.

  6. Shashank Odak

    I have read Guru Charitra Adhyay (52 including Avatarnika) 21 times. Reading Gurumantra every Thursday.
    Will it help.? I used to wear yellow sapphire for almost 20 years but was broken so had to discard it

  7. savita suvarna

    my name is savita. my dob is 2.12.1965 – 1235 am. I feel i am effected by bad jupiter.
    need your advise and help

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    My dob is 8th April 1981, I am struggling in life for money I m educated but not clear bout what to do in career…have tried in acting have done job but nothing stays for longer can you help me with the solution.


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