What It Indicates, If You Saw A Gemstone In Your Dreams?

By | July 12, 2017
What It Indicates, If You Saw A Gemstone In Your Dreams?

What It Indicates, If You Saw A Gemstone In Your Dreams?

What Are Dreams?

Dreams are a part of every human life. It’s a state of unconsciousness while sleeping and we don’t have control over it. Every person spends their life with different circumstances and different viewpoints towards their life. That result; different in nature, mindset, and thoughts.

So where there is a difference in thoughts, there will differ in dreams too. We usually see dreams about the thing that are moving in our unconscious mind. But the exact meaning, why we see dreams and why exactly those things appear in our dreams is not clear yet (even scientifically).

Most of the time, when we wake up in the morning we don’t even remember what we saw in our dream last night. But sometimes, some things remain in our minds which is astonishing and uncommon.

Seeing Gemstone in Dreams

Natural Gemstones are precious pieces of jewels; obtained naturally. But in India, these gemstones have some astrological beliefs too. So seeing Gemstone in a dream meant something according to Indian Vedic Astrology.

In this blog, we will talk about the three most famous Gemstones i.e. Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Yellow Sapphire Gemstone, and Emerald Gemstone; which they indicate if you see them in dreams.

Meaning of seeing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone in a dream

Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pukhraj stone or Guru Ratna belongings to Jupiter Planet. Yellow Sapphire is famous for its wealth influencing properties, i.e. it brings prosperity to wearer’s life.

But, what if I see Yellow Sapphire in my dream!

Shall I be going to rich?

Let me clear you, if you see a Yellow Sapphire in your dream, you are a blessed person. You will always have the richness of everything. You will also be protected and stay positive in difficult conditions.

Meaning of seeing Blue Sapphire Gemstone in a dream

Blue Sapphire is also known as Neelam is belongs to Saturn Planet. It’s one of the fastest acting gemstones among other gemstones i.e. you will see its results even in days.

If you see Blue Sapphire in your dream, you will get rid of all of your confusion and your path to success will be visible in front of you. Very soon all of your hurdles will be flatted and you will be free from all of your tensions, results; peace of mind.

Meaning of seeing Emerald Gemstone in a dream

Emerald is also known as Panna stone belongs to Mercury Planet. This gemstone brings love and passion along with immense luck in the wearer’s life.

So what if you see an Emerald Gemstone in your dream; soon you are becoming lucky. The doors of new opportunities will be opening soon. Furthermore, if you are married or in a relationship, then Bliss! This is your time boy.

Note: All these assumptions are made from different astrologers (assuming favorable conditions of the planet). Furthermore, seeing any gemstone in dream results different for different people as per their astrological chart. So before getting to any decision, make sure to contact any certified astrologer.

6 thoughts on “What It Indicates, If You Saw A Gemstone In Your Dreams?

  1. H.H.S.Y.H

    I saw a dream that I’m inside the pool and the bottom of the pool is full of blue Sapphires, so I’m collecting those stones in a way first I’m collecting small stones and the large stones, I invited my friends to help me to collect them but it was only me collecting those gem stones
    What is the meaning? Is it a bad dream?

  2. Lolita

    I had a dream of being left behind at a airport loosing my group trying to find my way to the airport to catch my flight in my dream I came across a ring in a bag like someone had pawned it the ring was really dirty like pasty dirty I began to clean it it had a blow stone with side diamonds the ring was big in size like it fitted I’m trying. To figure out why would I get that ring

  3. Hgfdfb

    In my dream I see I lost yellow sapphire and othe low jewellery purpose diamonds from my rings which I’m wearing and again I get them all back. What does this mean ?

  4. Pooja Khatik

    What is the meaning of the my own yellow sapphire( pukhraj) which I wore few years back and it is breaked in my morning dream??

    1. admin Post author

      In that case, you need to consult with an astrologer. For more, you can contact on +91-9216 11 3388


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