Health Benefits Of Wearing Precious Gemstones

By | March 30, 2019

Natural gemstones are our planet’s treasures, something it shares with us all. These stones with all their beauty and brilliance are no ordinary pebbles, but stones endowed with mystical qualities born out of the womb of the earth.

According to Astrology, some of these gemstones have compelling properties that make them healing crystals. When worn, these crystals produce vibes and vibrations that heal the body from inside while shielding it from earthly maladies.

Depending on their constituents, these precious gemstones have health benefits that preserve the health and wellness of their wearers. Here we will take a look at all the precious gemstones and the specific health benefits they bestow upon their wearers.

The Gallery of Precious Gemstone

By precious gemstones, we mean those selective stones that make the high-end side of the gallery. The list of precious gems begins with none other than ruby, the bright red gemstone that adorns pieces of jewelry from crowns to toe-rings with such brilliance that everything else pales in comparison.

The place next to ruby is always engage by a lush green gem popular as emerald gemstone which is equally expensive and rarely effective. Red coral is both precious and powerful. Yellow sapphire and blue sapphire both are very potent and pricey gems.

White sapphires to make it to the list, where health benefits are concerned. Diamonds obviously cannot be missing from the list of precious gems.

Hessonite garnet and cat’s eye are two other valuable entries of this catalog. Other stones that are not as valuable but are very effective health stones are rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone. The following are the effective Health Benefits Of Wearing Precious Gemstones –

Precious Gemstones and Their Health Benefits

Let’s take a look at what positive effects each of these stones cast on the health of their wearers over a prolonged period of wearing.

Rubies are ruled by Sun and therefore possess very positive qualities. Potions made from rubies dissolved in water were once believed to cure diarrhea. But for its wearers, the stone offers relief from blood-borne diseases that promote blow flow and heal wounds.

Emerald gemstone is known as the panacea for kidney and urine-related conditions. They cures piling problems.

Pearls too are great antidotes to kidney problems. They also help relieve joint pains and pain caused by severe conditions. Pearl also ensures deep sleep and mental normalcy.

Red coral has powerful health benefits. Stomach pain, irregular blood pressure, cough and cold, low strength and stamina, frequent diarrhea, the stone covers all day to day ailments.

• The Yellow sapphire gemstone is particularly effective in the treatment of tension and blood pressure diseases. It helps revert impotency and build up sperm count. It also cures the physically weak and mentally unstable.

Neelam or blue sapphire an extremely potent gemstone boosts the vital energy of the wearer and promotes activeness. It reduces problems of vision and hearing and slowly enhances memory. It also opens up the Ajna Chakra that is directly connects to the pituitary organs, thereby boosting imagination and creativity.

White sapphire is particularly effective for those battling with fertility issues and reproductive problems. The stone has magical benefits. It builds immunity and helps its wearers become more attractive with age.

Diamonds are recommend for individuals suffering from a laundry list of health issues, starting with low sperm count to blood pressure, mental problems to impotency. The stone addresses several conditions at once.

Hessonite gemstone pills were prescribed by ancient healers to cure dermatological conditions. Astrologers recommend it too for brain diseases, lung conditions, leprosy, stomach diseases, piles, and sundry conditions.

Cat’s eye gemstone is recommended for people struggling with depression, tension, brain diseases, sex-related issues, impotency, and other serious diseases.

Semi Precious Gemstones

Rose quartz is the feel-good stone that heals hurt emotions, heartaches and such things that do not have proven a pharmacological cure for.

The purple stone boots courage, strength, and peace. It will be very effective in curing addiction problems.

Moonstone is the best astrological cure there is for depression and tension. It treats illness and a very effective gemstone for females.

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