Engagement Ring Styles And Trends

By | June 27, 2018

Every woman dreams of that perfect wedding and what makes it complete is a stunning engagement ring. This ring is a testament to the love, loyalty, and affection that a couple shares, so why shouldn’t it be special?

It surely needs to be an exclusive ring that matches the personality of the bride to be in the most ideal manner.

From oval-cut rings to colored gemstone rings, the variety of engagement ring styles is vast. And what matters the most is the choice of the wearer.

So, if you are planning to buy a stunning engagement ring soon, but are not sure which styles and trends to follow this year, then don’t worry. Here’s a list of some of the top-rated engagement rings styles and trends. Just take a look!

Geometric-Cut Ring



The world of fashion jewelry witnessed a revolution a couple of years ago with the exquisite geometric cut rings, and the trend is on this year as well.

Geometrical shaped engagement rings are in vogue and for all the right reasons. Apart from maximizing the gleam, brilliance, and splendor of the stones, such rings are gorgeously crafted, becoming a must-have in the list of soon-to-be brides.

Colored Gemstones



Engagement rings are incomplete without stones and what better way to make a ring utterly special than going for colored gemstones.

You can get a ring that has a precious natural gemstone like ruby stone, emerald gemstone or blue sapphire gemstone as the main stone or go for something that has beautiful semi-precious stones as bordering accents – all that matters is the touch of uniqueness which colored gemstones can surely give to any engagement ring.

East-West Styles



Looking for something extraordinary? Get an engagement ring in the coveted east-west style and be different.

Apart from making the onlookers turn green with envy, this style is all about comfort as it gives a natural fit on the finger than a traditional ring that has the north-south setting.

Thus, if you crave uniqueness than go for an engagement ring with the east-west setting and you won’t be disappointed.

Oval-Cut Ring



If there is one style that’s going to stay forever then it has to be the wonderful oval cut ring. Convey your feelings with an elegant oval cut ring set in rose gold or platinum with breathtaking diamonds to adorn it, and the love of your life will definitely be impressed.

Three-Stone Ring



Making to the list is an entry inspired by the royalty. When Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a triple-stone engagement ring, the trend that it was going to set was evident.

You can get a three-stone diamond engagement ring that has a trio of gems prong-set on a beautiful platinum ring.

Whether you would like to have a ring that has a center stone flanked by smaller gemstones or a ring with three stones of the same size one thing is sure you are going to be a true style diva with this style.

After all, what you will get in the end is a ring that is classic in every way!

Marquise-Cut Ring



With a characteristic oblong shape and pointed ends, a marquise cut engagement ring is certainly one of its kind.

You can have a marquise cut diamond ring that is as striking as the brilliantly cut diamond in the ring that speaks of marvelous creativity and looks to die for.

In fact, those who want their fingers to appear a bit longer and slender, this is the ring to go for.

Open Band Engagement Ring



The modern open band silhouette is another interesting trend to watch out. Those who wish to go for a more elegant engagement ring than a flashy one, this is the style to try.

An open band ring can be worn alone or stacked with others. This unique design has become a favorite of many women who love simplicity but still want to stand out from the rest with an exclusive engagement ring. So, just go and give it a try.

Multiple Band Ring



Rings with multiple bands add a whole new level of style to any women’s personality. Even though it is a subtle style that gives off a romantic charm, when unique combinations of bands are stacked, this style can create a truly magnificent look that is sure to woo any woman.

Split Shank Engagement Ring



With a band that splits into two from the center of the gemstone, this type of ring makes a graceful lifelong companion for any woman.

Give a twist to the eternal solitaire ring with this style and create a more sophisticated look with a pave of sparkling diamonds wrapped around the main stone.

For a more romantic look, get a split shank ring with a heart-shaped diamond set in white gold or platinum.


Pear Shape Engagement Ring



The graceful curves of pear-shaped gemstones create rings that are both feminine and sophisticated. Marrying the dazzling beauty of the round brilliant with the distinctive style of the marquise. The pear cut embodies the balance of style and grace.

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