Emerald Gemstone- Properties, Beliefs, Meditation & Chakras

By | April 12, 2018


If there is one gemstone that represents nature in its truest form, then it is the stunning green color Emerald Gemstone. Just like the gorgeous Earth, this gemstone boasts of a lush green hue which is hard to ignore.

Apart from representing the Earth, this gem is also a symbol of royalty. Just like its contemporaries sapphires and rubies, it also belongs to the category of precious gemstones.

Owning it is a matter of prestige for many. However, as beautiful as a Panna stone maybe, wearing it as a regular piece of jewelry isn’t easy.

Its durability is not at par with diamonds and sapphires. Hence, wearing emerald gemstone jewelry on a daily basis should be avoided.

Now, let’s take a look at the Emerald Gemstone- Properties, Beliefs, Meditation & Chakras.

Emerald Birthstone

The traditional birthstone for May, emerald is perfect for those who are born from 20 April to 20 May. Such people can experience immense happiness and fortune by wearing this gemstone on a regular basis.

This glorious green colored stone represents love, loyalty, and commitment and is an ideal choice if you wish to celebrate companionship.

Emerald Formation

A gemstone that belongs to the beryl family, emerald is formed in hydrothermal veins. These veins are hot water or hot steam pockets that are found deep within the earth’s surface.

By transporting beryllium, these veins help in the formation of emerald. As beryllium gathers at a place to heat, the resultant product is used to form this exquisite gem Namely emerald.

Emerald Occurrence

There are various sources of origin of the lovely emerald. From Columbia to the United States, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, France, and Egypt, different varieties of emerald gemstones comes from different places across the world.

However, gemstones that are sourced from Colombia are high in quality. They are bright, big and clear gems that have a great demand in the market at present. While purchasing such a stone is a matter of pride, it might come at a very high price.

Properties and Beliefs


There are many emerald lovers in the world, but not all know the significance that it holds. Loaded with several amazing properties, the gemstone is a possession that’s worth having.

One of the best emerald stone properties is that the gemstone is a symbol of youth. It is also believed that wearing emerald gemstone can help in boosting friendship, peace, compassion, and fairness.

This is the stone of successful love and helps the wearer to express their feelings truly, without any inhibitions.

Those who want to enjoy loyalty from their partner can gift them the emerald gem and improve their love life. It is a great way to bring bliss to a relationship.

Communication is extremely important in a human’s life. By helping in expressing words clearly, this gem is a must-have for those who require a clear articulation of words.

As a matter of fact, wearing this gemstone to work is beneficial for those who works in a creative profession. Emerald improves the memory, helping the person to be a quick decision-maker.

If you are lost in the worldly affairs and feel directionless, then this stone can help in reviving the enthusiasm that you lack at present.

Be it a new occupation, hobby or a person who can help you regain your lost passion, this stone can help you experience what’s missing by clearing the obstacles from your life.


Wearing this gemstone is also believed to be beneficial for people who need to attain emotional and mental stability. By balancing the emotions of a person, the emerald stone has a positive effect on one’s thinking and learning powers.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that wearing an emerald can treat infertility. Many pregnant women wear this gemstone to prevent miscarriages and to have a healthy and safe pregnancy as well as a healthy baby.

Emerald has helped many in treating heart-related diseases. It also cures ailments associated with kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, spine, muscular system and the pancreas.

If you have suffered from a serious health condition, then wearing an emerald can help in quick recovery, thanks to its powerful green rays.

Another amazing emerald benefit is that it helps in treating various eye conditions. By keeping the stone on your eyelids, you can treat vision problems. It also helps in treating skin conditions like eczema.


Meditation and Chakra

One of the greatest benefits of this stone is that it helps in making the wearer calm and free from malice. The gemstone promotes love and harmony and makes one more tolerant of others and loving towards them.

Through chakra meditation, one can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude to an appropriate level and a more peaceful state.

Representing the energy patterns of the Heart Chakra, the emerald removes any differences in relationships and improves the bond amongst individuals.

Every chakra responds to certain colors and Chakra Gemstones

So, now that you know a lot about this gemstone, you can buy emerald gemstone online and experience the benefits that it offers. But make sure that you must buy a natural emerald from a reputed and reliable seller.

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