Celebrate Karva Chauth With Gemstones Jewelry

By | September 22, 2017


Karva Chauth is the festival of married women.  The Karva Chauth is a major festival of North India. Karva Chauth is the ritual of fasting that the married women follow to seek prosperity, long life and good health of their husbands.

The festival of Karva Chauth has an extraordinary significance among married women all over India. Karwa Chauth is an Indian festival that has made a significant impression on Indian culture.

On Karwa Chauth, the married women keep a fast without drinking even a drop of water throughout the day. The fasting takes place from sunrise to sunset, and they offer prayers to God for wellness and long life for their husbands. They worship Lord Shiva, including Lord Ganesha.


The preparations for Karwa Chauth start a few days in advance. Married women buy jewelry, make-up and other ornamental and dressing items for them to wear on that special day.

They adorn themselves with bridal jewelry and makeup and their hands are designed with beautiful henna designs too.

Jewelry is the special and lovable part of Karva Chauth which they wear on the Karva Chauth day. Married women can wear gemstone jewelry on this special day.

She keeps a fast which she breaks after seeing the moon in a bowl of water. This is a day for family and friends to a get-together. Gifts are exchanged and the husband also presents a beautiful gift for his wife.

When married women keep the fast for their husbands then their husbands show their love by gifting them jewelry like a ring, earrings, bangles, etc.

Gemstone Jewelry

The Gemstone jewelry gifts are the best gifting ideas for their husbands. Gemstone Jewelry comes in the category of trendy and fashionable jewelry.

Also, Gemstone jewelry is the most popular type of jewelry used and wears by the women on their special events and this Karva Chauth festival.

Precious gemstone jewelry provides elegant and unique designs that are mostly love by women. Their jewelry needs are functional and beautiful suitable to wear for their special occasions. Let’s Celebrate this Karva Chauth With Gemstones Jewelry for your life partner.

Gemstone jewelry is available in the form of

  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Mangalsutra
  • Bangles

And many more….

Nowadays, gemstone jewelry is the best gifting option by husbands for their wives. The husband can gift, gemstone jewelry for their wives as a gift for their Karva Chauth.

Emerald gemstone ring

This is the color gemstone that comes in various shades of green. The Emerald gemstone is used for jewelry making. This gemstone jewelry leads to a happy married life.



Yellow sapphire ring

Yellow sapphire jewelry has special importance for married couples. Gifting a yellow sapphire ring to your partner will make your relation more powerful. One gets away from all those difficulties and it gives a happy life to the married couple.



Blue sapphire ring

The attractive blue color of the blue sapphire gemstone makes its jewelry more attractive. The gorgeous blue sapphire is one of the most refined gemstones with a classic blue color, it is the most lovable and wearable gemstone jewelry.



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