A Guide To Planet Mercury And Its Impact On Your Life With Remedies

By | June 2, 2018


An indifferent planet, that doesn’t have any masculine or feminine energy, Mercury governs the mental capacity of the natives and their judgment. The planet rules over your speech, communication, rational energy, perception and intelligence, and also helps you take the right decisions at the right time.

With its powers, the planet drives one to discovery, analysis, and reaction. While it is often considered as a benefic planet, it can still pose a lot of problems in your life if it is ill-positioned and becomes malefic.

Each gemstone is believed to bear a correspondence to a planet and thus can be used to treat the ill effects of a malefic planet and can be used to energize the good effects of the good planets in one’s horoscopes.

Emerald Gemstone known as Panna gemstone in Vedic astrology is used as a healing gemstone for planet Mercury. Astrologer recommends wearing Panna gemstone for the positive effects of mercury planet.

What are the negative aspects of planet Mercury?

Malefic Mercury in a person’s birth chart could turn them into liar, compulsive talker, and daydreamer. As a matter of fact, the negative aspects of mercury can lead one to criticize others, makes them sarcastic, and prone to shams as well as scams.

What does the Mercury planet govern?

Mercury is a powerful planet that governs a majority of things in your life. It not only has control over the way you listen and take information, but it also governs how you absorb the minutest details around you.

With its control over your hands, fingers, limbs and even your nervous system, the planet surely has an impact on how skilled will you become in your chosen field.

Those with a positive placement of mercury in their birth chart have remarkable muscle memory in the hands. In fact, such people also tend to have good hands, and they use their hands frequently when they talk.

Such people can do well in the fields of art and craft, cooking, furniture making, knitwork, woodwork, playing musical instruments, typing, writing, and painting.

What is Mercury’s impact on your life?

One of the biggest ways in which Mercury impacts a person’s life is by affecting the way they communicate. As the planet represents a person’s thoughts, imagination and power to assimilate information, it governs how they speak or write.

Mercury also guides one in knowing when to speak and when to remain silent. It assists a person in gathering their thoughts before they speak.

By merely observing a person’s way of talking, learning and mentally processing the circumstances around them, you can ascertain if their Mercury is strong enough or not.

Those who have a well-placed Mercury astrology sign often become eloquent with words. Such people taste success in the field of communication, negotiation, and narration.

They may also become great public speakers, actors, and singers. Strong placement of Mercury also hints at the impressive debating abilities of a person.


Remedies for Mercury

As we know mercury is a powerful planet and has a good or bad impact on human life on the basis of its planetary position. To get rid of all its bad effects read the following remedies.

  • The ill-effects of Mercury can be minimized and the good effects can be increased by Emerald gemstone.
  • Wearing emerald gemstones in either rings or pendants on Wednesday after purification with Gangajal or milk is believed to be one of the most effective remedies for the planet, Mercury.
  • Wearing new clothes only after washing .
  • Worshiping Mercury by chanting the mantras of Lord Buddha can bring in positive results.
  • An amazing remedy for Mercury is to feed cows. This should be done at least once a day before having a meal. Cows should be fed either with green grass, spinach or other green vegetables.
  • Those who have malefic Mercury should take the utmost care of not disrespecting their sisters or sisters-in-law.
  • Worshiping Lord Vishnu can also bring in good results when it comes to treating a weak Mercury.
  • To lessen the negative effect of a malefic Mercury, one can also donate milk and rice to a religious place.
  • Giving fruits to charity can also treat malefic Mercury.
  • If you have a weak Mercury in your horoscope, then you can also feed soaked green gram to feathered creatures to empower the planet.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is also an effective remedy that can reduce the negative impact of Mercury. Thus, a person that has malefic Mercury must clean their teeth and tongue at least twice a day.
  • Planting money plant or other green plants at home can also help.
  • Donating green clothes on Wednesday can also help in strengthening Mercury.
  • Eating meat, eggs and consuming liquor should be absolutely avoided.

Some other Remedies:-

Wearing a copper coin in a white thread or silver chain can be helpful too.

Giving dan-Dakshina to small girls on Wednesday is highly advisable.

Including green fruits and vegetables in the diet can be helpful in strengthening Mercury.

To soothe the weak Mercury planet, listening to good, soulful music is recommended.

One should take a bath daily to improve the effects of Mercury in their life.

Taking blessings from eunuchs is also an effective remedy for Mercury.

Indulging in business that doesn’t require frequent traveling can prove to be beneficial.

To reduce the negative effects of an ill placement of Mercury in your horoscope, you can also drink water in a silver glass on a daily basis.

Preventing the use of chemical-based cosmetics and skin care products is highly advisable.

Giving study material to poor and needy students can help in treating malefic Mercury.

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